I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 16 - Kiwi Sherbet Circle Lens Review

Ahhh! First, I want to point out and apologize for the different quality and layout of this circle lens review. My Mac is starting to see it's last days and my husband's computer isn't doing so well either so I had to edit my photos using a phone app and then make the post on a slow computer T OT'' !!!

I was just looking at some old reviews and am now feeling sad I can't use my layout lol So please excuse the change in the meantime ; 3; It might be awhile till I can get back to it so I hope this will still show the lenses off well enough for you! My goal for these reviews is to help you see what the lens really looks like!

Okay, here we go!

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~ This review is based on my own opinion and experiences. ~
Please take a look at my Circle Lens Care page if you are interested in circle lenses!

Birthday goodies! Lizzy Storm Designs + ZooShoo

My birthday was earlier this month and here are some of my favorite presents from my best friend ♡

I consider myself a difficult person to get gifts for. I like practical things that suit me and I don't like wasting money. Other than that, I don't like accepting money or gifts, idk, I'm hesitant and I don't feel like I deserve it, lol. So things have to be pressed on to me.

My best friend knows me well, and even though she considers this impersonal, I feel that it's the best route to take with me. She gave me birthday money to get something I truly will enjoy, and this way, I can be as stingy and picky as I want with the money, lol.

So, I'll be linking where these items are from!

Epic Organics Review - Skin Care

I'm continuing my search to replace all my bath and beauty products with natural choices.
What I'll be sharing with you are products from Epic Organics at Etsy!

I've ordered twice from them already and I'll be reviewing all the items in those orders. Keep reading if you're interested in natural alternatives for skin care :] Especially if you have oily/dry combination skin!