Friday, October 3, 2014

Geolica Euro Lady Aqua Blue Circle Lens Review!

~ This review is based on my own opinion and experiences. ~

Please take a look at my Circle Lens Care page if you are interested in circle lenses!

Here's the next lens from the Euro Lady series from GeoColouredLenses!
This time it's the Geolica Euro Lady Aqua Blue.
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I forgot to take a picture of the blue ones for the bottom right picture and the lens picture but the pictures I used are still from the same series, just in gray.

Color + Pattern
Just as the other two colors I've reviewed from this series, I'm just as impressed with them. For someone with dark brown eyes, like me, these give just enough color to make them look believable without being too bright. I had someone ask if my eyes were naturally blue :0 So these are pretty believable.

The label says they're 14.2mm but that's hard to believe with the size difference. I wear 14.5mm clear contact lenses which look the same size as these. Though they definitely do appear more natural sized versus other lenses that are labeled 14.5mm for that dolly look.

I would expect monthly lenses to be soft, moisturized, and comfortable, and these meet up each expectation. I would recommend just from comfort alone!

Over All
Yet another wonderful color that I'm sad to part ways with from the Euro Lady series! I had thrown them away before I could get those two pictures I mentioned earlier. I've been pretty forgetful lately Dx'' But I'm glad I got these pictures that showcase their subtle beauty. They're not overpowering which makes them great for daily wear and super comfortable.

I have two more to review which is the Cobalt Blue and the Light Brown!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Silver Lilac Hair + Birthday Presents!

I have yet another new hair color!
This time it's silver lilac hair and I'm in LOVE.

I usually keep away from purples in my hair cause I feel like it looks weird on me but I feel so good in this shade. I was originally going for straight up gray but the last time I had gray hair someone mistook me for an old person from behind T ^T That kinda ruined it for me, lol. I want to live my youth as a youth, hahaha. So having this purple shade to a gray makes it feel and look more youthful.
I'll post how I did it later. It's unconventional though since I had to get the green out but I know people will keep asking.

Lately, I've been pretty lax with my outfits. I just want to be comfortable and grab things off my clothes rack without thinking too much about it. I love dressing up and creating interesting outfits but I've been learning to let go a little with my appearance and try to live in the moment a little more.

So this is mostly how I've looked lately but I think you can see in these pictures that I've been feeling pretty good. New hair, better perspective on life, I have things I'm looking forward to, and having a more agreeable relationship with myself is refreshing to me.

*shoes from, top from love culture, shorts from F21

And now you're probably wondering where I got that bag from!

Earlier this month was my birthday and this was a seriously amazing year of presents. I did something new which was share my Amazon Wish List and even though a lot of people like doing surprises and picking gifts hoping the other person likes it, I don't do too well with those. I'm honestly a picky person and I also prefer owning items that are practical or that I'm strongly interested in. When you grow up moving around a lot and on tight money, you just prefer necessities, useful things, and whatever gets you excited.

Below are just a few of the items from my Amazon Wish List that friends gifted me!

This lovely bag is the16 Holowood Clear Studded Hologram Handbag Cross Body. It fits everything I carry and it's not too big or too small. I was surprised how perfect it was! I keep it pretty tidy in my bag so I'm good with a see through bag. It's no good for sneaking food into a movie theater though, lolol.

This one is the Beautiful Wooden Pink with Heart Hole 21' Soprano Ukulele. It's so flipping adorable and it has fine glitter in the pink. You have to look up close to see it. It takes a few days for the strings to settle and even then a few more weeks after for them to not move so much. From such a small body it makes a pretty loud sound but it's very pleasant.

And this one is the 1928 Jewelry "Heart Of Hearts" Gold-Tone and Rose Pink Heart Charm Necklace. I haven't worn it out yet. It's too precious to casually wear Dx' I don't want it to get ruined even though I know I'd take good care of it, haha.

The other gifts I got were art supplies that have been a huge help with my commissions, a pretty green aventurine necklace (posted on my IG: aprilfoolromance), and a carved Stitch figurine! The biggest present was my best friend coming down from a different state and visiting me T ^T She decorated my home and gathered videos from my friends greeting me happy birthday and some of them were so heartfelt. I definitely shed a few tears and it was sappy and warm and lovely and the most loving gratifying birthday I've ever had.

She's moving closer in just a few weeks and her family is big into holidays so it's such perfect timing with Holiday season right around the corner!! I'm thrilled with the small changes that are happening in stores. I've already gotten myself some pumpkin items and started collecting candy for trick-or-treaters :3

Anyone else excited about the holidays?!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Black Autumn Looks

The weather's finally changing and with that so are the styles for the season.
I'm starting it off with these two pieces from!

This has been a long overdue review Dx Taking mirror pictures just doesn't feel right when I'm doing a product review so it's taken awhile to get some full body pictures.

Click the link below to purchase!

I got the top in a XXL because of my bust being 37" and that's exactly what the measurement was. I didn't know how stretchy the material was and since the cut is unique I wanted to be careful and make sure that it was comfortable. Well, when I got it the fabric turned out being extra stretchy and I probably could of ordered the M or L instead and still be comfortable.

On me, the sleeve is very ill fitting. It's too long and big and the bottom of the top doesn't taper in to fit a waist that goes in so I decided to tie it together which I think looks better. I also rolled the sleeve up. I'm going to tailor it later.

Even then, I'm still happy with this top! I wouldn't have any complaints if it fit right but I can fix that myself. Unfortunately, there's no measurement for the arm circumference which for some of us, like me, can be troubling. However, as I mentioned, it's suuuper stretchy.

It doesn't look like the stock picture. It's definitely a replica but I'm satisfied with it. I actually like the thinner neck strap.

Click the link below to purchase!

Tell me this skirt isn't beautiful. If you don't think it's beautiful, then that's okay, everyone has different tastes and I respect that, hahaha. But seriously, to me it's enchanting. It's quite flirty with the see through fabric on top of a short skirt.

Their sizes are very limited though. They don't have anything smaller than 28" or anything bigger than 30" and it runs about an inch smaller than the measurements listed. There is absolute NO stretch either so be aware of what size you buy. I got a size S thinking it would fit fine but there's a squeeze since it's smaller.

Even the skirt layer underneath has no stretch. If your waist is a lot smaller than your hips, I wouldn't recommend this piece since your hips won't have much room. This is basically best for people that are a S/M with slight figures or no figure.

With all that out of the way, I like where both layers end. It's flattering. Typically, I don't pick midi skirts but I chose this as an exception because the short skirt underneath was still prominent in the overall look. The midi skirt didn't swallow me up, which is easy with longer skirts/dresses on a short person.